Code of Conduct

The club code of conduct is to guide and protect the Players, Coaches, Parents, supporters and opponent guests of Kingswood TFC.

All members of Kingswood TFC are expected to abide by the code of conduct described here at all events.

Kingswood TFC will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse of its coaches, referees, or players from any Parent, Player, or Spectator.

If any player or parent feels that any other individual present is behaving in a manner, which is unacceptable, the matter should be brought to the attention of the manager as soon as possible.  Players and followers should not intervene themselves under any circumstances.  The club will take action through the appropriate channels when necessary.

This code applies at any time when players are seen to be representing Kingswood TFC, including when travelling to and from away matches and at home and away venues.

Code of Conduct 2017-18